Are You Crypto-Curious?

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8+ Modules

From a trained Advisors

50+ Lessons

Covering what you need to know


Go at your own pace from the comfort of home

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The Ultimate Crypto Course for Beginners

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Learn Crypto & NFTs

Are you crypto-curious? If you’ve been on the sidelines waiting for the sign to get into crypto, consider this your sign!

Crypto-Curious, is an easy-to-digest course taught through the lens of a former Financial Advisor. Inside this course is everything you need to get started with crypto investment.

Foundations of the blockchain

Learn how to create a portfolio

Learn how to leverage crypto

The difference betwee web 1.0, web 2.0 & web 3.0

What you need to know about crypto & taxes

Who is this for?

The Crypto-Unitiated!

Anyone unfamiliar with how the blockchain, cryptocurrency and web3 work together

Anyone interested in diversifying their income

Newbies to the blockchain

Anyone who has not set up a crypto wallet

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